Become a reseller!

You want to start your start-up, you lack ideas, you don't have the tools to realize your project. You don't need to be an application developer, an IT engineer, thanks to our reseller offer, SMS ZEDEKAA provides you with a solution to have your own personalized sms messaging service without writing any lines of code. You have all the tools you need to manage and administer your customers as you wish. You will be able to sell your customers a solution for sending mass and quality sms. Your customers will have access to the same services as sms zedekaa but under your brand. They will automatically have access to your visual identity (logo, service provision, etc.) Sms Zedekaa offers you a space from which you can easily manage your customers. and train them to use the SMS service. This way, you will be able to make a profit by reselling zedekaa sms packs according to your prices. 

Professional SMS sending service with high added value

With your complete and customized solution, you can :

  • placing orders for your customers
  • track their consumption
  • credit their accounts
  • intervene on their commands (modification/deletion).

Business provider

You wish to put us in touch with a customer or prospect in return for a commission for each order placed. Do not hesitate to contact us, a contract will bind us, (the business contributor and us), in order to establish an unequivocal partnership and thus start on a good basis.0

Talk directly with us

You have a concern about the reseller service; we are at your disposal 24/7 to satisfy your needs.

Become a SMS reseller yourself

  • Customized platform with your colors and visual identity
  • Autonomous management of your customers.


If you are a software publisher or you work in the world of communication, choose our "white label" solutions to broaden your service offer.



Integrating a service has never been so easy: SMS ZEDEKAA offers you a turnkey solution, free of charge and completely customizable, to give you immediate access to all existing SMS functionalities and services.


With 100% availability, you benefit from technical support that is always ready to listen to you and from recognised skills in terms of development and IT security. SMS ZEDEKAA already fully satisfies more than a hundred resellers!